Revolutionising the way you find great gifts.

What is BOON?

A revolutionary solution to the common pain of thinking up new and exciting gift ideas. We trawl through gift sites so you don't have to, and show you our top suggestions for you to get inspired.

State-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms powering a unique service. Our systems are custom-designed to deliver a unique experience and great gift recommendations for each user.

Gift recommendations based on the personality deduction made about each gift recipient, helping us understand each unique situation, relationship, and giftee individually.

A collection of the best gifts, sourced from a wide range of online retailers, form large e-commerce stores, to small boutique shops. Our catalogue ranges from chocolates to experience days.

Who's behind BOON?

Dylan John Grey

As founder and CEO of BOON, Dylan is in charge of the day-to-day running and vision for the company and service. Alongside these responsiblities, he remains involved in technical development.

Mike Oakley

Mike's role as co-founder centers around technical development, and includes management of company matters. He is involved in all technical aspects of the service including server administration.

Adriana Murteira Martins

Adriana focusses on the research into, and development of our personality deduction and response analysis. She provides a unique insight from a keen interest in efficient design for human interaction.

Joe Early

A final year computer science student with an impressive background in machine learning, Joe's role revolves around the improvement of our artificial intelligence, and the software aspects of product recommendations.

Vlad Lazar

With expertise in software development, Vlad is involved with the collection and use of feedback data about our product recommendations. The data improves our suggestions for each subsequent user.


We are always looking for great people to join us. If you're interested in adding to our team, take a look at our recruitment page. We'd love to hear from you.